MEET CLAUDIA Wife | Mom | Photographer | Avid Yogi

I wasn't the girl who dreamt of having a wedding, but I am the girl who found love through the eyes of the one that my heart longs for. I'm the girl who believes in long-lasting relationships and believes being at the beach makes things better. 

I'm Claudia. I live with my husband, my two kids, drink too much coffee & enjoy yoga.


George and I met 15 years ago and dated for 2 years before we decided to have a family. Since then, I had held on tight to him through the ups and downs.  He is not only my second shooter and business partner, he is also my best friend...


...he is the person that keeps me ground it, helps me grow and pushes me to dream bigger. 

George and I seek to tell real, love stories of those moments you didn't know where happening and to preserve the wonder of the most exquisite celebrations in the world.